Men’s Tanning For All Seasons

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Self TanWomen flaunt the fact that they engage in fake tanning, while many males who engage in this practice keep it a secret. A tan can add a healthy young look to any man’s appearance and a tan obtained with self-tanner will not cause cancer, so why all the secrecy? There is no need for it because a man should look just as young and vibrant as a woman.

There are several key steps to ensuring a successful “faux” tan that will not appear “faux” in any way. First, allocate enough time for the process, which will usually take about an hour. Exfoliate the skin using a mild facial scrub and a body-scrubbing tool to ensure a uniform tan without blotches. Shave the skin and rub some Vaseline on the nails, cuticles, and hairline to prevent them from being discoloured.

Dry the skin and put on some old clothes that you do not mind becoming stained. Apply a small amount of self-tanner in the palm then rub it between both palms before applying to the skin. Work on a section of the body at a time and enlist help when doing the back.

Move in upward strokes in areas containing hair, to avoid any untouched lines resulting from where the hair was. Do not put tanner directly on the hands, armpits, eyebrows, knuckles, knees, feet, ankles, or elbows. Tanner will be absorbed more in these dry areas, so first apply moisturizer to these areas then cover with a thin coat of self-tanner.

Wash and scrub the hands regularly so the tanner does not sit on these pore-filled appendages. Use the hands to conduct a final blending of the product then wait at least 30 minutes for it to dry. Do not wear light colors before taking a shower and, for a few hours, avoid activities that will induce sweating. Exfoliate any missed spots and reapply product, and the perfect tan will be achieved without having to go outside.

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After Fifty Years, Brioni Releases A New Fragrance

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Brioni FragranceAfter 50 years, Italian luxury design house Brioni has released a new self-titled fragrance. Act quickly though, because this scent is available for only a limited time. The inventory of the fragrance, which comes packaged in a leather case and retails for £250 per 100ml bottle, will be limited to only 100 bottles per Brioni store.

According to Brioni CEO Andrea Perrone, both the fragrance and its packaging represent the “maniacal attention to detail” that the company employs in all of its ventures. As an aside, Perrone just happens to be the grandson of Gaetino Savini, the company’s co-founder. In order to add to the feeling of exclusivity, both the creation and marketing of the new scent were carried out entirely in-house.

Even the design of the bottle exudes an air of exclusivity in that it is handmade by an Empoli glass-blowing company that was founded in the 13th century. Inspired by 1950s pieces that Perrone found in his grandmother’s home, the fragrance itself is just as timeless as the bottle.

Releasing a new fragrance aside, the company will need to expand into areas such as the Far and Middle East in order to continue its success. Perrone’s decision to expand into casual wear in 2004 was a wise decision, because this line has grown to become 40 percent of the company’s business. However, Perrone remains confident that tailored suits will make a resurgence.

Brioni makes a classic suit characterized by 50 years of impeccable production-line style tailoring. In 1956, the company even opened a tailoring school at its Penne factory, where young tailors are trained in the art and also learn computer technology and English. These fledglings are eager to travel whenever necessary, which makes them an even greater asset to the company. No wonder London’s Royal College of Art entered into a three-year partnership with Brioni in order to impart the fundamentals of tailoring on its young designers.

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The Path To Thicker Hair Starts Here

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Man Thick HairDepending on how well-kept it is, a man’s hair can be his pride and joy or an utter embarrassment. It is a well-known fact that a man’s hair is a reflection of his personality. There are a few simple tips that every man should follow in order to have a thick and healthy head of hair.

First, go to a good salon and get a quality haircut. Despite rumors, cutting a little hair off the top of the head will not cause thicker growth. However, the right hair stylist can cut the hair in a way that gives an impression of thickness. Try razor cutting because it results in a textured finish that makes the hair look thicker.

Wash hair regularly using a shampoo that is created specifically for frequent use. Hair that is dirty clings close to the head due to the weight of oils created by the scalp. Frequent use shampoos such as American Crew Daily Shampoo will not dry out hair.

Use a thickening spray in order to plump the hair and make it appear fuller. Sprays like Redken Bulk Up incorporate the use of polymers that fill in the spaces in the hair shaft created by damage. These sprays easily wash out of the hair during the shampooing process.

The proper choice of styling product is essential to lending hair an appearance of thickness. Do not use wax or gel on thinning hair because they will weigh down the hair and cause it to appear flat and thin. Use a mousse like L’Oreal Professional Techni.Art Aero Volume Mousse because it lifts hair’s roots without adding weight. Perhaps the easiest trick is to use a blow dryer on a low or medium setting to style the hair. This will give fine hair more volume without making it brittle and prone to breakage.

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Grey Vetiver- A New Scent From Tom Ford

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Tom Ford Grey VetiverVetiver is a classic ingredient in men’s scents and Tom Ford has captured it in his new fragrance aptly entitled “Grey Vetiver.” The robust and distinct vetiver was specifically chosen by Ford to reflect his traditional yet modern take on fragrance. For Ford, vetiver represents timelessness, character, and all things grounded in tradition. Released in 2009, sales of Grey Vetiver have exceeded projections, reflecting the wide-spread popularity of its main ingredient.

The scent of vetiver is cherished by men all over the world. Vetiver is a tall wild grass native to Java, Japan, Haiti, South India, and Indonesia. It is widely known for its soothing, calming, uplifting, and protective characteristics.

The vetiver plant has been used as an antiseptic, stimulant, sedative, and tonic throughout many different cultures. The essential oil of this grass is extracted from its roots through steam distillation. The oil has a smoky wood scent and is commonly blended with jasmine, lavender, rosewood, and geranium.

Grey Vetiver incorporates the key elements of vetiver in a subtle fragrance. The first notes of warm citrus later blend to a smoky smell, the essence of vetiver itself. The scent reminds one of nutmeg, warm woods, and pepper. The man who has never tried a fragrance that contains vetiver should make a point to purchase Ford’s scent. It is the best of both worlds because it is classic and comfortable, while at the same time mature and sophisticated.

The style of Grey Vetiver’s bottle is clean and classic, just like Ford’s scent. Those who enjoy the fashion designer’s other fragrances will find that Grey Vetiver does not disappoint. The fragrance contains notes of orange flower, grapefruit, sage, orris, nutmeg, amber woods, oak moss, and pimiento. A 50ml bottle retails for £50, a very reasonable price for such a high-quality scent.

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